The Tao of Motherhood & Midwifery

Midwifery For The Soul

“A wise mother does not unnecessarily interfere with her child’s life.

Your children have their own process-their own thoughts, feelings, and reactions – which must be allowed to unfold.

If your childhood was painful you may get over-involved with your children’s lives and smother them.  Or you may find yourself forcing them to think and feel the way you do, to adopt all your values and live the life you wish you had.

If you do not trust your children’s process, your children cannot trust anyone or anything.  Your confidence in them builds their confidence in themselves.

Assist your children in such a way that they think, “We did it ourselves!” (The Tao of Motherhood – Vimala McClure)


replace  the word “children” with laboring woman and “mother” with Midwife and read from this perspective!

“As we live we Midwife, and as we Midwife we live” (Whapio)

A wise midwife

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