Infants Are Surprisingly Self Aware Of Their Own Intelligence

Babies have the ability to gauge their own intelligence levels and improve their knowledge base when necessary.

Source: Infants Are Surprisingly Self Aware Of Their Own Intelligence

By 20 months old, babies are able to imitate and process words and seem eager to learn about the world around them, but a team from Paris Sciences et Lettres Research University in France believes babies’ level of understanding goes beyond the ability to learn. Babies may be much more self-aware of their own level of intelligence than experts had previously given them credit for.

When we don’t have an answer for something, we can make a judgment call whether or not our intellect is too limited to figure it out on our own. After searching through the filing cabinets of our memory, some people may give up and turn to a search engine to fill the gaps in their knowledge, and according to a new study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, babies know when to turn to their parents for answers.


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