In Defense of Baby-Led Weaning

Comprehensive article; very good!

The best season of my life


My son is 5 months old now, which means that people have already been asking me for a month if he has started on solids yet, and it means I’ll be telling people for another month that no, we’re waiting until he’s at least 6 months and/or he’s developmentally ready.  You see, I am going to skip purees entirely, and go straight to letting him feed himself table food. When I decided to pursue this feeding method with my daughter, her pediatrician basically looked at me like I had lost my mind.

This post is not so much a defense of the actual method, but rather, my journey of having to defend a non-mainstream method of feeding.  Let me tell you, it is difficult to have confidence in your parenting decisions when you’re a first time mom and everyone, including your doctor, is making you question yourself.

They had never heard…

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